Awww! Thanks SFist!

It’s been an awesome World Cup but it ends tomorrow with Germany & Argentina! We’ll be watching in the Parklet starting at noon - so come join us!!

New irrigation for a happier dino!

Today in the Deeplet…

Yesterday in the parklet….

This is what we set out to make :-)

The Deepistan National Parklet succulent sculpture, “Trixie”, has been looking a little ragged for a while, so it was time to give her a facial! Soon, irrigation as well! Our excellent designer, Jane, leads the way!

Save the date folks!

October 19th evening!

More info soon!

Sunday, 11:30 am at the Deeplet, 937 Valencia St.

See “The Witch” by Thomas Middleton.

15 minutes of Jacobean theatre at its most zany and outrageous. Several sections of “The Witch” appear in the earliest published versions of Macbeth – including “Come Away,” a song we’ll perform as part of the show.

Bring the kids – they’ll love it!

This AWESOME video captures the whole Parklet phenomena SO well!
Nice work Seamus Harte & Lizzie Rose!
We’re super excited to be a part of it & that they captured ‘Deep’s good side :-)


Someone stole several plants from the parklet last night & did damage to a bunch of others. Grr!